Monday, July 25th, 2016

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Video: Hilarious Classic Beer Commercial Shot at Squaw Valley


This is awesome. We harken back to “Miller Time” in 1981 as two Squaw Valley ski patrollers finish sweep and head for the bar.

As a member of the Squaw ski patrol, I can tell you this is precisely how we end our days: heading for the bar with perfect powder turns on 210cm rossis and one-piece suits, followed by line-dancing in Christmas sweaters with perfectly-feathered hair. :)

  • richMeyer


  • Markusarulius

    I’m pretty sure the skiing footage and exterior shots of the lodge were actually shot at Sunshine Village in AB Canada. There is even a SSV map in the bar. I’ve enjoyed skiing & plenty of Miller Time there for the last 15 years. I know home when I see it.

    • Matthew DiPietro

      Oh man good eye! I was misinformed and stand corrected. Still hilarious though :)

    • joey

      in fact, the guy with the perfectly feathered hair is my husband! and yes, that was shot at SSV in Dec. 1980 over 3 days. we were all ski instructors at the Sunshine Village Ski School at that time:-). totally hilarious and fun!

      • Matthew DiPietro

        Ha! So awesome. :)