Sunday, July 31st, 2016

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Ryan Hawks Dies of Injuries Sustained at Kirkwood Competition


Sad day today. Ryan Hawks has died a day after suffering serious injuries during the Freeskiing World Tour at Kirkwood. Our condolences to Ryan’s friends and family…

Via Freeskiing World Tour:

Today, the freeskiing community mourns the loss of a member of our family.  A close-knit community, we’re truly devastated by the passing of Ryan Hawks.  We realize nothing compares to the loss for his parents Peter and Jackie and sister Alicia, and our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to them, his entire family and friends.  His infectious smile, positive attitude and passion for the mountains and skiing will be missed.

When Ryan was nine years old, he skied the headwall at Tuckerman’s ravine and from that point forward was hooked on big mountain skiing. When Ryan wasn’t in school in Vermont, he was skiing with friends and fellow Mad River Glen athletes Lars and Silas Chickering-Ayers. Together, they cruised the continent living out of a van called The General, searching for fresh powder and adventures.

“My father always said, ‘A skier carries his own skis,’ so I learned how to carry my batman skis by the age of two and have been skiing ever since …” said Ryan Hawks on his website “I grew up on the slopes and was instilled with a deep passion and respect for my surroundings by those very same mountains.”

The freeskiing community sustains itself on the passion and energy of skiers from around the world, a shared love of mountains, skiing, and friendship.  Freeskiing is at its best as a group, with all of its members.  Ryan, you will be missed.

And more via Powder:

During his competition run, Hawks—a widely-loved fixture of a crew of skiers known as Green Mountain Freeride—back flipped off a cliff, estimated at 50 to 70 feet. He landed the air to his feet, but crumpled upon impact, apparently hitting hard set-up snow rather than soft powder, which had blanketed the venue from a recent storm.

Photo: Frank Shine.

Photo: Frank Shine.

  • Marko

    Rest in peace Ryan, you left us too soon!

    • Jay

      RIP Bud, keep floatin