Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

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Teton mountain guide dies while soloing exum ridge


My condolences to friends and family. Here is a complete story put together with the help of his fellow guides that were with him that day. More from the Star Valley Independent:

Superintendent Mary Gibson Scott expressed heartfelt condolences on
behalf of all park staff. “Park employees, local residents and the
climbing community are stunned by this tragedy,” she said. “George was
not only a respected guide, but also a wonderful mentor to other
climbers. Our hearts go out to his family.”

A resident of Ridgeway, Colorado, Gardner had been an Exum guide for
17 years and a climbing guide for 28 years. His vast mountaineering
experience included expeditions on the southwest face of Kanchenjunga
and the west face of Hyani Potosi in Bolivia’s Cordillera Real; ski
ascents in the Alps and in Colorado; and extensive climbing in North
America and the Himalayas. He was the program director for Sterling
College’s “Semester in the Himalayas” as well as an AMGA Certified
Alpine Guide.